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Your coach, David DeVeny, has been has been instructing since 2009. He is both Level 3 ICP and IDP certifified through IMBA and Whistler Bike Park. When he isn’t working at Fresh Tracks, David is running courses for IMBA as an Instructor Trainer. David works with all levels of riders: from wanting to tackle your first mountain bike trail to pro-racers that are trying to shave seconds off their race time. Whether you are a beginner or expert, or whatever your adventure, Fresh Tracks aims to exceed your expectations!


Brave Ski Mom

“Like any good coach, he asked me what I wanted from today’s lesson. “I want to be able to go downhill and make tight turns without being terrified,” I answered. “We can do that, ” he confidently replied. When he asked my 14 year-old son what he wanted from the day, my son stated “I want to be challenged.” “We can do that,” affirmed David.
And, sure enough, David expertly met both of these goals throughout the course of our lesson. Up at the top, in front of the Sunspot Lodge, we relearned how to ride a bike. We learned a new way to turn, a new stance, a new approach to braking: basically tossing out everything we do in cross-country mountain or road bike riding. Fully informed (and, in my case, somewhat confused), we started down the Green World trail, which as you might guess, is an easy route down. Like ski trails, downhill bike trails are rated green, blue and black.”

Brave Ski Mom
Winter Park Lodging, Team Building Event

“Our instructor David DeVeny was great! Knowledgeable, fun and talented; David knows Trestle Bike Park and downhill biking very well.  He was safe, enlightening and a lot of fun.”

Team Building Event
Hal Amen

“Even better, I fit in a downhill lesson with Trestle lead instructor David DeVeny. My previous mtb experience consisted of banging down a trail in Maine’s Bradbury Mountain State Park on a giveaway junker with busted suspension. This was much better. By the second run, DeVeny’s coaching was getting me down black-diamond rock features and launching me off wedge jumps. Trip highlight.”

Hal Amen